Habits – a Bit More!

Well! I listened to the BEST podcast this morning! Michael Stelzner, founder of The Social Media Examiner, The Social Media Marketing Podcast, host of Social Media Marketing World, literally held as we were all shutting down at the beginning of March …. so Michael interviewed James Clear, author of Atomic Habits! It was just incredible!Continue reading “Habits – a Bit More!”

Trigger, Routine, Reward Habits Lost and Gained, for Better or Worse in a Global Pandemic

I have heard it takes about 21 days to establish a habit. Have you heard this? I can say that having been inside my home now consistently for nearly a month has definitely disrupted some of my habits and also created the potential for some others. This has caused me to pause and consider theContinue reading “Trigger, Routine, Reward Habits Lost and Gained, for Better or Worse in a Global Pandemic”

Dealing with Disappointment: Journal

How we deal with disappointment is important for how we move through life.  When I reflect on my life, I can’t remember that many little disappointments.  Unless you count the fact that my Mom drank herself into a stupor every night, she harassed me mercilessly, the arguments between my parents were loud and scary, myContinue reading “Dealing with Disappointment: Journal”